• Alyce

Summer Bootcamp

WOW! It has been two months since I've blogged. It really isn't that surprising to me since life has been crazy busy. I would love to be more regular in my blogging though. Sometimes I just get in a rut with what to say, what to post, what kinds of recipes to share, etc. I'll admit it can be tricky to come up with creative recipes to share when I do a lot of meat grilling, veggie roasting, and salad tossing. :)

So why has life been crazy? This time of year is always busy whether your kids are in public, private, or homeschool. The end of school year activities and wrapping up a school year with testing, etc can be overwhelming at times. And this year we have a graduate! My oldest daughter graduated high school two weeks ago and I did stress over graduation and then over her party. As a homeschool mama I of course stressed internally over whether or not I had done enough to prepare her for this next new chapter in her life. I teased her a few times that really we were BOTH graduating!!! Now that it is all over, I am feeling much better and she has a load lifted off her as well. God has had His hand over our lives and will continue and I trust His plan for her life.

I wanted to share more about my next accountability group that I'll be hosting soon. As you know, I am an independent coach with Beachbody and I run online health and fitness groups. I've been doing this for two years and I love it. I love that it keeps ME accountable in my own health and fitness journey.

My next group begins on June 3rd and will run all summer. It will be a summer bootcamp where we focus on our nutrition, exercise, and this time we will all be reading the same Bible plan. Whole health----physical, emotional, spiritual. In this group, participants get to choose whichever Beachbody fitness program they want to use! While we all may be doing something different, what we share in common is the goal to be our healthiest.

I can't wait to see how this bootcamp comes together and then of course see the final results. If you would like to join, contact me soon and I'll give you all the details!



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