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Instant Pot Navy Beans

The snow is finally starting to melt today. This weekend we are suppose to have 60+ degree weather. I'm so looking forward to that!! If you are still under a few inches of snow or it is just plain cold, warm up with a pot of beans.

I have had my Instant Pot for a couple years now and I absolutely LOVE it! I use it almost every day from cooking rice, oatmeal, meats, soups, and even cheesecake. Yes...cheesecake!

If cooking a pot of beans is something you avoid doing because of soaking them first overnight....and somehow forgetting to do that, then this recipe is for you. I did not soak the beans at all. Just gave them a quick rinse and poured them in the pot.

I just use a one pound bag of store brand navy beans, rinsed well.

Cover the rinsed beans with water, but don't fill the pot more than half way. Toss in a few smoked ham pieces. Add some black pepper.

Oh...and shake a few drops of hot sauce in there!!

Nice, warm bowl of beans!

Instant Pot Navy Beans

1 pound bag of dried navy beans

Smoked ham pieces or smoked pork chops, or side meat. Your choice (necessary for flavor)

Black pepper

Hot sauce

Rinse beans well. Pour into Instant Pot, add ham pieces and cover with water. Do not fill pot over the halfway mark. Sprinkle in some black pepper and shake some hot sauce in there. I do not add salt because the ham has plenty! Give the beans a stir, lock the lid and press the BEAN cycle on your Instant Pot. Adjust the cooking time to 30 minutes. It will take several minutes for the IP to come to pressure. When the cooking time is done, let the IP release naturally. This will take another 30 minutes. Open the pot, give those beans another stir, and enjoy! It would be great to have some biscuits to go with the ham. :)


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