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Fall Greetings

Our summer flew by quicker than ever this year. I am kind of sad about it because it is my favorite season. I love the warmer temps, the pool being open in the back yard, fun family beach vacations, and fresh garden veggies. Being on a school break is also something I look forward to during the summer. But we know that the seasons change and it can't be summer forever. Well, at least not in Virginia! God has reasons for the changes of seasons and I'm learning to just enjoy them all--or at least parts of them all.

I'm sitting outside at Starbucks as I write this. It is 7:00 pm. I'm in shorts and a t-shirt and quite comfortable. Not a bead a sweat, nor a goose bump from being chilly. Those are blessings-- things to be thankful for.

Several weeks ago I felt led to give up social media for a period of time. Y'all this is big for someone who runs her business ONLINE! But I listened to the Lord, and you know what? I have not missed social media one bit. I cannot say that my business has been negatively affected either. That is trust! Now I'm pretty certain I'll be back, but only when the Lord gives the go ahead. Sometimes we are led to do scary things and we may hesitate being obedient. Why? I think because we don't like change, we fear the unknown, we don't really want to learn or do something different. What if we never listened to God's promptings? Then we would be missing out on His blessings. His plans are so much greater than our own! Not sure if you've heard from Him?? Oh sweet one, carve out some precious one on one time with the Lord. Pour your heart out to Him then watch and listen.

I'm still health coaching with Beachbody and I'd love to help you on your journey to better health. I am working on something new for the fall that I hope will be exciting for those that want to make some healthy changes. I'll be sharing more soon, but if you want to go ahead and get on the list leave a comment.

Be blessed!

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