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Curry Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

This is a casserole my family loves! It is full of flavor with curry and stuffing (I prefer to call it dressing) mix. It will fill a deep 9x13 casserole and usually we don't have much left over. Yes, we probably eat way too much of it at one time, but it is seriously that good!

This is my favorite wild rice to use. Wild rice takes a little longer to cook, but be patient, it's worth it. My favorite way to cook rice is in the Instant Pot. So, if you have one of those, cook your rice in it!!

I have tried various gluten free stuffing mixes or croutons. They all have been pretty good. You can certainly use croutons if you can't find stuffing, just crush them up a little. This was the latest stuffing mix I found. Pretty good...and I sometimes toss it on my salad to use as croutons. This brand is actually more like croutons because it is big and chunky, so I still crushed some for this casserole.

Let's get to it....

Curry Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

1 cup wild rice, cooked

4 cups of cooked chicken ( turkey is a good substitute also), diced or shredded

2 cartons of gluten free cream of chicken soup (I make my own....it is very easy!!)

1 cup of gluten free mayonnaise

3 teaspoons curry powder

8-10 oz of gluten free stuffing mix or croutons

2 tablespoons of butter

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spread cooked wild rice in a greased 9x13 casserole dish. Layer chicken on top of rice. Combine soup, mayonnaise, and curry powder in a separate bowl. Mix well, then pour over the chicken evenly. Sprinkle stuffing mix over top and dot with butter. Bake for 30 minutes or until bubbly.

Not the best picture because it was taken at night, but you can still see that it makes a lot.

Creamy and comforting!!


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